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  • Taconic Fitness Class Fees:
    (Classes run about 1 hour)
    $5 per member
    $15 per non member
    (Walk In's WELCOME!!) 
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     Get Tone while building major Motivation
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Mon - Thrs 5am - 10pm
Fri - 5am - 8pm
Sat & Sun 7am - 6pm
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Class Descriptions



KRAV-MAGA SELF-DEFENSE CLASS-please inquire at the front desk separate from unlimited class package.


Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer.

A 30 min full arm and leg workout program using music and movements on a step platform. 30 min of toning and sculpting the body using light weights.

This program is designed to improve core strenght and stability using the stability ball, excercise bands and bosu. This class will improve all muscle groups with most of the workouts focusing on balance and core work.

A form of exercising using slow movements and stretching. Great for increasing flexibility and balance. Also used as a form of mediation which helps to relax and relieve stress.

High energy and motivating class which is a combination of Latin and International music and dance infused with aerobic fitness, fat burning and strength conditioning


Mix of Cardio, ball for stability & core and weight for muscular endurance. 


DXF-Dance Xross Fitness 

Fun, uplifting, calorie burning easy-to-follow group fitness program that incorporates 4 disciplines: Dance, Kickboxing, Strength Training & Soul Line Dancing all set to great music such as Hip Hop, Motown, Soca & Latin music. Ideal for all fitness abilities. Weights are optional.


esigned to shape and tone the body using light weights.

Geared to strengthen, the abdominals, back muscles, hips, and shoulders.  Infuses basic Pilates techniques, functional sports specific training, and balancing techniques.  This class will be a winner in building core strength, and flexibility.

Cardio Abs
Combination of aerobics with a concentrated ab workout mixed in.


Experience a 45 minute quad and glute workout on our NEW "Jonny G" NST Spin Bikes.   Sure to increase your cardio while firming up your mid and lower body!!




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